Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can I just.. vent out?

Sometimes, I need to vent...

Sometimes, there are things that I know I have to do, that I have no choice about, and that would probably feel better some day, even if the didn't right now.

But sometimes, all I need is a person with whom I can share how it really feels, having to do these things, RIGHT NOW.

And if only some people would understand that when you vent, it's not because you are expecting a magical solution, or for them to step up and carry your problem on their shoulder. Sometimes, all you need is someone who would actually say: Yes, that SUCKS. Just as simple as that, someone who wouldn't preach to you about how yuo should approach these issues, and definetely not somoene who says: So what, we all have to go through so and so.

Yes, I know we all do. But do we actually have to pretend that we're happy about it?

Is is selfish to want to vent out to someone? To just let out the anger, the fury, the feeling of: It's SO UNFAIR. You would still have to do what you have to do, but can you not just have someone to share how it feels with? How it really feels, and not how you should feel, in front of the world.

It does suck.


  1. As Eckhart says "Expression is healthier than repression" with or without a friend to listen.


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