Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The right timing

I've often heard people describe themselves as having the perfect reactions to certain incidents where a perfect reaction isn't actually possible.. One can't really smile to a person who's insulting them, or think straight when they're inside the picture.. Yet, there are a lot of people who are absolutely convinced that they can maintain their self control and ensure the correct reactions at all times..

I have recently come across an incident where two people, very dear to my heart, came to a conflict point.. One of them has always prided himself at how self-composed he is. I myself am a very strong believer of his wisdom, and am always impressed about the way he thinks before he leaps.. However, for the past two weeks I have been very disappointed to see that although he always knows the right thing to do, he has absolutely no idea when to do it. And timing makes all the difference in such cases.

There is no sense in learning forgiveness, if you don't apply it in the right time. You can only forgive when you are hurt..

There is no sense in claiming you love someone, when you can't be there for them in their times of crisis, and merely settle for enjoying the good times you have with them..

If you can't forgive and love when someone needs you, then you should be strong enough to face yourself with the facts: You are not a forgiving or a loving person.. You might have a lot of other qualities, but you can't claim to be loving or forgiving, and chose to be so only when you're in a good place.. Life is full of surprises, and sadly, of uncomfortable times.. It is in these times that we should pull ourselves together and put what we believe in into practice..

Otherwise, just settle to being the person you are.

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